Primordial Light: THE MOON
A look at our nearest celestial neighbor.
The Total Lunar Eclipse of February 20, 2008
22:10:23 EST
3 seconds @ ISO 640
Seeing: very clear, turbulent, 27° F
Questar Duplex, Canon 40D, Losmandy Gemini

Made at Gambrills, Maryland 39:04:37 N 76:39:39 W

Remote Telescope and Camera Control via Two Macs.
The (nearly) Full Moon on September 4, 2009

This photo breaks the rules. Don't photograph the Full Moon because details are visible by the shadows they cast and there are few shadows during the full phase. Don't try to get a good photo of the Moon with only a single exposure; use a video camera and special software to stack the images. I made this photo through a hole in the clouds on September 4, 2009, using a TOA-150 refractor and a Canon 40D.